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About Calgary Collaborative Alliance

CCA is a group of like minded professionals, who work in the family law area. We are all committed to the same goals in assisting parents and children navigate their transition to a restructured domestic household, without severing their sense of family connectedness. The concept is that CCA will have a maximum of 2 or 3 employees. The Collaborative team members will work as independent consultants to the organization.

Divorcing with Kindness

Our business is to create a place where the thought of ending a marriage does not bring the dread of conflict or threat of court. We wish for resilient families post separation.
We want the children of divorce today to be the strong leaders of tomorrow. The stress of adversarial divorce impacts society beyond separating families. We will change conventional divorce culture.

They will learn how to separate, together. Not drive each other apart.

Our approach is unique and is a proven model of success developed at Melbourne Collaborative Alliance, Melbourne Australia ( We offer a Team of experts in the field; family lawyers, family consultant, child specialist and financial consultant, who will assist the couple manage the storms of separation but keep the family boat afloat .
Our business is to optimize the wellness and resilience of parents and their children as the family navigates the transition of separation and divorce. Parents are worried about whether their children will be OK. Mums and dads are concerned for their own future.
There are lots of questions and lots of information to hear and absorb. It is a very stressful time. For the most part, traditional family law practice does not sufficiently understand, or manage well, the complexity of emotions that clients have at this time.
How client decision making is impacted by these emotions is our area of expertise.
Calgary Collaborative Alliance Collaborative Alliance will be a re launch of my Calgary psychology consulting practice. Through CCA, a comprehensive, compassionate and highly skilled professional service will be available. All the services relevant to relationship breakdown - legal, psychological/emotional, parenting and financial, can be addressed at one site.
Consider an "Umbrella" of Services. Clients will not need to go from office to office to have heir questions answered. Nor will they be 'waiting in the wings' while the negotiations are done by their lawyers. They will be involved in working through all the aspects of their own case, formulating their own future, and the future of their children. And their experienced Team, all of whom specialize in the issues of separation, will come to them.
This approach of offering Collaboration at one site, and providing a Team from the beginning of the case; where we assess the family's needs on all dimensions, and then adapt the services to those needs; is a model that I have been developing with colleagues in Melbourne, Australia. Over the past 5 years we at MELCA (Melbourne Collaborative Alliance) have found that by using our Intake protocols, there has been over 90% take up of collaboration. Once a couple has committed to the process, over 97% have completed their separation agreement to their satisfaction. These cases have all completed in less time, and with less expense, than a traditional family law process would have offered.
We as collaborators argue strongly that apart from lower financial expense, the emotional expense of adversarial separation to parents and children is significantly reduced. It was the rising awareness over the past several decades of the negative impact of divorce for children, that became a primary impetus to create the Collaborative Law, followed by the Collaborative Practice movement, in the first place.

The Business case for Calgary Collaborative Alliance

The model of Collaboration offered here is unique . Its strengths are in the power of the 'when and how' of the involvement of the Team, as well as the opportunity to provide the services all at one site.
The contribution that this service can have to the Calgary community is very great. I hope for and am passionate about kinder, more efficient and less expensive divorces, where clients have the opportunity to develop some insight about themselves and a healthier perspective of their partner. Where families can remain intact, despite the fact that households may change structure and location.