About me…

Coping with change is not always easy

Most of us resist change because we are comfortable and secure in the world as we know it. And yet change is an inevitable reality of life.
I understand change.
I have moved my family and myself several times across the globe and have worked and studied in three different countries.
For more than three decades, I have been making a difference in my clients' lives. I have helped individuals, couples and families in distress push for better outcomes for themselves and the people around them.
I have a doctorate in psychology from Cambridge University, an undergraduate psychology degree from the University of Tasmania and a masters from the University of Calgary, Canada.

Moving forward with confidence

I have specific specialities that assist couples and families in conflict and families and individuals in transition.
Drawing on my various experiences and expertise, I can help you to rediscover a future where you feel inspired each and every day. A future where you feel energised and productive and you are tapping into your unique strengths and talents.
I have trained and worked as a therapist, mediator, university lecturer, practitioner and trainer in collaborative family law.



Logo Synopsis


"Dr Tina Sinclair offers an umbrella of services and skills in her line of practice– Psychology.
This visual idea of the "umbrella" became the theme for Tina's logo. We have created a birds-eye view, graphic representation of the umbrella using colours which, in our opinion, embody Tina's personality. The contrasting purples, blues and aquas are soothing but strong, bright but not overpowering. This also mirrors her business ethos– not just one colour, not just one service.
The umbrella logo also gives the feeling of shapes coming together into one point– representing collaboration. Think round table discussion.
The font we have chosen is artistically calligraphic, giving an impression of personalised services. It also maintains a level of professionalism– sophisticated and classy."

Logo synopsis taken from No Grey Creative Click here for full synopsis