Hello how are you?

Sometimes the honest answer to this simple question is not as simple as it should be.

Are you feeling upset?
Maybe just 'off' ... or not quite right?
Are you confused? Anxious? Depressed? Angry? Grieving?
Are you having relationship problems? Or going through a critical life transition?
Do you feel your world is falling apart?
You are not alone.

How I can help

As a psychologist and therapist, I am specially trained to deal with a broad range of problems. It is my role to help you work through the issues affecting your life. I will assist you to gain insight into what is happening, and why, and set a path to the solution.
I have extensive experience gained over many years, with many types of people and many different problems. This experience has helped me acquire an umbrella of skills.
I use 'umbrella' as a metaphor because an umbrella can work in two different ways.
Held one way, it can hold space for us to do important work together – held the other way up it provides protection for you from your current, past, or even future issues, during our time together.
I can assist you to set goals and create new coping strategies that work for your particular situation.
I think you will find me easy to talk to.

How it works

Over several one-on-one consultations, couple or family sessions, we will take the time needed to really explore the issues that you are worried about.
Ultimately my long term objective is to help you to make things work on your own. That is why I provide tools you will be able to use for the rest of your life.

A family affair

As a therapist I work with individuals, couples and families.
I often see adults and teens who are struggling with the big issues in life – issues that can bring grief and trauma.
I also offer litigation support for lawyers and their clients. I provide mentoring, supervision and case consultation to colleagues in psychology, counselling and Collaborative Practice.
As a consultant and trainer, I offer workshops, seminars, lectures and training sessions. These cover many topics in psychology as well as collaborative family law practice.